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Martsons Mills Information
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Marstons Mills, MA is regarded as being a type of village that was established within the region of Barnstable, which is a town of Massachusetts. Roger Goodspeed was the person who took the initiative to settle in this area prior to the year of 1653. Roger’s granddaughter by the name of Lydia then entered into marriage with a man by the name of Benjamin Martson. It is Benjamin Martson who is responsible for having contributed to the development of weaving operations and the fulling mill near the river. Thus, the name of the river, Marstons Mills River and the name of the village, Marstons Mills, are based on the achievements of Benjamin Martson. This village is mostly a residential region, which is situated along Route 28. Though the region is highly residential, it is characteristically rural in essence.

Marstons Mills Airport

The Marstons Mills Airport is located at Cape Cod Airfield. This is a small public airport, which is noted as belonging to the town of Barnstable. It operates on a daily basis and offers flights primarily to Boston. It also services many small planes with refueling and parking. It is exciting to watch the planes take off and land. Also, it is thrilling to book some skydiving adventures there.

Marston Mills Hotels

When you are on a tight budget and need to stay in Martons Mills for awhile, then you can enjoy rooms at terrific rates when you stay at the Jonathan Edwards Motel. You will enjoy a clean room, a private bath and a free breakfast. If you are looking for a more luxurious experience, you will enjoy staying at All Seasons Resort. There you can be pampered, enjoy the onsite restaurant and relax in style in the pool or at the spa.

Marstons Mills Post Office and Zip Code

The post office office of Martons Mills is located at 40 River Road. It is operational on Monday through Saturday. On weekdays, the post office provides services to the public from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. Then it is noted that on Saturday the post office opens a bit later at 10 in the morning and closes much earlier at 1 in the afternoon. The Marston Mills zip code for the post office is noted as being 06248.

Marston Mills Restaurants

Stir Crazy is a wonderful restaurant that offers tantalizing Thai food that is exotic and delicious. The green curry is pleasant and is not overly spicy, which is why it is so scrumptious and enjoyable. This restaurant provides a pleasant ambiance and generous portions of food. The Fig Tree Cafe is a welcoming place that has friendly service. The cookies and other desserts there are always fresh and tasty. The Norwegian smoked salmon is always cooked to perfection. The Belgian waffles that are served with whipped cream and fresh fruit are delightful.

Marston Mills Library

This lovely village also is home to Marstons Mills Public Library. As a result, there is no need for boredom ever due to the fact that many new and wonderful things can be discovered through the abundance of intriguing books that are offered by this well organized library. There are books on mechanics, engineering, car hobbies, racing, cooking, sewing, engineering, model building, painting, crafting, science, nursing and so much more. There are many terrific fictional books as well to take you to faraway lands. There are many thrilling stories for children too that will fascinate their imaginations. Thus, the library can become a place that the whole family enjoys.

Marstons Mills Schools

Fair Acres Country Day School offers a nice environment that is safe for children. Most parents highly trust this school and the educational teaching that is provided is exceptional. The students are respected and are presented with many opportunities for education, socializing and personal development. West Villages Elementary School offers good subject matter in many classes. Also, the school believes in the value of great physical education as well in order to promote good health among students. Many of the students enjoy the wide offering of sports at this school. Barnstable United Elementary School is a great option, as it places a high value in regard to supporting students and their families as well as the community. The students are involved in many activities and programs that contribute to their learning and fun.

Marston Mills Shopping

Experience the wonderful chocolate of Ecuador when you go to Chukulati Chocolate Company. You will receive a warm greeting every time. The chocolate there is always fresh and flavorful. Try some spicy chocolate or even some chocolate covered figs, which are undeniably divine. Plum Porch is a wonderful gift shop with many intriguing gifts for all occasions.You will discover lovely candles and many gorgeous artistic items that offer inspirational quotes.There are several other interesting shops in Marstons Mills also, which are waiting for your visit.